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Metro Vent Cleaning, a division of Metro Fire Prevention Ltd., has over 30 years of experience. Our primary focus is to provide quality commercial kitchen exhaust systems and commercial equipment throughout Vancouver, Richmond, and Surrey.  More importantly, we are one of the very few BC vent cleaning companies that provide fire prevention services for commercial exhaust systems to keep them fire code compliant (NFPA 96).

We will maintain “Exit” signs as well as all requisite safety signage. Our service includes bulb replacement as well as recommendations and implementations of LED alternative lighting. Our knowledgeable professionals can consult as well as inspect all of your commercial kitchen fire and safety needs including fire alarms, sprinklers, backflow, and regular device testing.

Kitchen fires are costly and dangerous but can easily be avoided with regular equipment testing and maintenance from the professionals of Metro Vent Cleaning. Neglect and a lack of proper education can lead to preventable fires. The exhaust system of your commercial system can easily be neglected. Without regular inspection and proper maintenance, grease can easily build up to dangerous levels. A tiny spark can ignite a large kitchen fire.

Reduce the risk of fire with proper maintenance and cleaning of your commercial kitchen exhaust system. Our services will also prolong the life of your system and enhance its performance. The province of British Columbia requires that commercial kitchen exhaust systems be cleaned a minimum of 6 months; however, you may need more frequent cleaning and maintenance depending on the size of your establishment and the volume your kitchen produces.

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Keep it simple

If your exhaust system seems to be working at less than full power, you may simply need to replace the belt. With our regular inspections, Metro Vent Cleaning will check the belts on each one of your fans.

Only certified fire prevention technicians can legally work on your exhaust system in British Columbia. Metro Vent Cleaning services Metro Vancouver, Richmond, and Surrey with ASTT (Applied Science Technologists & Technicians) certified  professionals. Our courteous staff continues to take courses to improve how we may better serve you.

Fixing Filters

Your filters need to be performing at their best. Metro Vent Cleaning keeps several filters in stock and will inspect your filters to check for damage, warps, or missing parts. Your filters need to be able to trap grease. Regular cleaning ensures that your commercial kitchen filters are not damaged or clogged by excess grease.

Restaurants in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, and the Lower Mainland use Metro Vent Cleaning as a one-stop provider of commercial kitchen cleaning and fire prevention.

Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced fire safety professionals and discover why top names consistently recommend Metro Vent Cleaning.

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