Emergency Lighting

As a division of Metro Fire Prevention Ltd., Metro Vent Cleaning brings over 30 years of experience cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems and restaurant equipment. The most important priority is ensuring that your kitchen operates safely and is free from grease. Metro Vent Cleaning is one of a small number of companies in British Columbia that provides prevention services in order to keep your exhaust system compliant to fire code (NFPA 96).

Emergency Lighting

Emergency Lighting is an intricate part of commercial kitchen safety. Our knowledgeable technicians perform annual tests and inspections to ensure all emergency light units are compliant and functioning properly. Consult our experts to ensure prices meet your individual needs.

In an event of an emergency, commercial kitchens will depend on emergency lighting for the safety of its staff. Regular maintenance is essential. Metro Vent Cleaning serves Metro Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, and the Lower Mainland to ensure emergency lighting operates properly and without fail. 

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Your Responsibility

Safety is your number one responsibility. Contact Metro Vent Cleaning to ensure that your emergency lighting continues to function at their peak. A burnt out bulb or faulty wires can cost you valuable time in a low visibility emergency. We ensure that your emergency lighting system’s batteries are charged, bulbs are checked, and other hardware are inspected to eliminate any performance issues.

Metro Vent Cleaning provides annual inspection, testing, and maintenance so that:

  • Lights function well during an emergency
  • Commercial kitchen safety procedures are streamlined
  • Evacuation procedures are well-lit
  • Downtime is minimal
  • Injury and costs associated with emergencies are reduced


Our Emergency Lighting Inspection Process

Our emergency lighting inspection experts will:

  • Inspect for proper mounting and installation
  • Inspect that the location of emergency lighting is correct within your commercial kitchen and that there are enough lights for your kitchen’s occupancy
  • Use electronic load simulators to test batteries and verify that your units are charging at the proper voltage
  • Inspect that bulbs are illuminating and functioning properly
  • Simulate a power outage using the built-in test switch to test functionality

Metro Vent Cleaning supports Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, and the Lower Mainland. Contact us for more information about emergency lighting.

Metro Vent Cleaning has more than 30 years of experience providing complete fire protection and cleaning service for your commercial kitchen. Our top priority is your safety. We are proud to continually provide quality service to Metro Vancouver and would love to discuss any questions or concerns.

From fine dining to franchises, restaurants in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, and across the Lower Mainland use Metro Vent Cleaning as a one-stop provider of commercial kitchen cleaning and fire prevention.

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